Adriana made a cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, which people are still talking about.  I was having trouble finalizing a party theme, but once Adriana sent me her sketches, a really fun theme was born. To say Adriana went above and beyond is an understatement- her passion for baking and genuine desire to create something wonderful is evident in the finished product.  I was thrilled by her creativity and willingness to work together to create something amazing.While the cake was cookies were adorable, the taste was incredible.  I am lucky to have been referred to Adriana, because once I tried a cake she made at another party I attended, I knew I needed to get her contact information!  Everyone loved the cake, many asked for a second slice, and a friend came to my house after the party wondering if we had any extra cake we felt like giving away!Excellent job, Adriana!!!!!