Instituto del Progreso Latino

Simply Sweet Creations came to our organization and provided a Cupcake Decorating workshop for our youth in our after-school program. The kids are between the ages of 8 to 15, and they had a BLAST! Adriana arrived as scheduled, and within a few minutes of setting up, was ready to lead the class on a fun-filled adventure. The kids had been eagerly awaiting the workshop for weeks, since it was placed on the program calendar. Adriana made the workshop fun and exciting, and displayed excellent patience with the kids. I have been working in Youth Development for 12 years now, and I can tell when someone enjoys working with youth, and Adriana does. The kids were shown how to decorate 4 cupcakes; flowers made out of sugar and marshmallows, apples made out of fondant, doughnuts and candy, ducks made out of fondant and candy, and sports balls made out of fondant and writing pens. The workshop went well and I had my colleagues walking by the space watching and wanting to participate. Adriana, on behalf of the kids in the KEY program and myself, Thank You for allowing us to have a wonderful and fun experience. The kids really, Really, REALLY enjoyed the workshop. We are already planning for your next visit!