Repeat Customer

Last weekend was my daughters birthday and I knew that I wanted to give her a great looking cake. She is a huge Sponge Bob Square Pants fan. I’m no stranger to the great looking cakes that are made by Simply Sweet Creations, so I decided to order a Sponge Bob cake. As usual I was given a great looking cake that everyone at the party enjoyed. Everyone was amazed on how beautiful the cake looked, the detail, and colors were perfect. It looked so real my daughter was overwhelmed with excitement. The best part was that the cake tasted great. Not only was the time taken to make this cake look great, but the taste of this birthday cake was better then any other cake I have tasted in my life. It was a great and happy experience. Overall, I will continue to order my cakes from Simply Sweet Creations because they look great, taste amazing, and make and celebration one to remember. Excellent job.